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EASI Field References

EASI Reference Documents

Commonly required codes and references used in the EASI Standard files.


Standard Layout File Reference Codes

Codes found in the EASI Standard layout files.


Required / Optional    

  • C        Conditional                Field is dependent on other fields and may or may not be filled.

  • O        Optional                    Field is optional, filling preferred.

  • R        Required                   Field must be filled.



  • AN      Alpha-Numeric           Default: Include leading zero/s

  • DT      Date                          Default: CCYYMMDD

  • ID        Identification Code    Default: Include leading zero/s

  • N         Number                     Default: No leading zero/s, no commas, may include decimals

  • TM      Time                          Default: HHMMSS (24 hour clock)


Field Size    

  • # / #    Min/Max Length         First value is miminum length of field, second value is maximum.


Domestic Parcel Carrier Codes

Codes to instruct the shipper which parcel carrier and service level to use.


UPS Services

03    Standard Ground

15    Next Day Air - Early AM

01    Next Day Air

13    Next Day Air Saver

07    2nd Day Air AM delivery

02    2nd Day Air

12    3rd Day Air

41    Next Day Air Early AM Delivery - Saturday Delivery

44    Next Day Air - Saturday Delivery



FedEx Services

92    Fed Ex Ground

06    Fed Ex First Overnight

01    FedExPriority Overnight

05    FedEx Standard Overnight

03    Fed Ex 2nd Day

20    FedEx Express Saver

90    Fed Ex Home Delivery

Service Delivery Code Notes: 

  • Use the UPS codes as a default.

  • The service delivery code must be formated as a text field and not as a numeric field. Some of the codes have a leading zero that will be dropped if you make the field numeric.




FOB Terms

Who pays the freight and change of ownership of the merchandise.


Shipment Method of Payment Codes

CC   Collect (COL) Freight charges paid by recipient. Freight charges billed to the recipient by the freight carrier.

DF   Define by the buyer and seller.

FO   FOB port of call. Ownership of goods changes to the buyer when it leaves the dock. Buyer takes legal responsibility. May be used with imports at             port of call or port of entry.

CF   Collect, Freight charges paid by recipient, and credited back to customer by the mill.

PB   Customer Pickup so there are no freight charges.

PC   Prepaid by shipper but charged to the customer. Mill pays the shipper and charges the freight costs back to the customer on the invoice.

PP   Prepaid by shipper (mill), and the mill absorbs the freight costs. There are no freight charges to the buyer.

TP   Third party billing often used in conjunction with drop shipments to XYZ.



Drop Shipments to XYZ:

Use code CC when the merchandise goes directly from the mill to XYZ, and the common carrier bills XYZ.

Use code PP when the merchandise goes directly from the mill to XYZ, and there are no freight charges to the customer.

Use code PB when the merchandise goes directly from the mill to XYZ, and the customer picks up the merchandise. There are no freight charges.

Use TP – To indicate third party billing which in most cases, the distributor will be charged the freight costs by the carrier for a drop shipment that goes to XYZ company.


Shipment Method of Payment Code Notes:

  • There can be only one Shipment Payment Method per purchase order.


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