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850 Purchase Order



The EASI 850 is an electronic purchase order that is exchanged between trading partners.  The EASI 850 PO is sent by the purchaser to the seller and specifies the items, prices, and quantities they wish to purchase. Other information also included in the 850 is the billing and shipping instructions.


As of version 3.0, the 850 document can also be used to send a Drop Ship Electronic Purhcase Order to be used by wholesalers to place orders for shipment directly from a manufacturer to the wholesaler's customer.  In this case, the product does not pass through the wholesaler's facility.  Such orders are typically delivered by small package carriers (e.g. UPS, FEDEX).


Some of the benefits associated with the use of the EASI 850 PO are:


  • A Standardized Electronic Purchase Order provides for seamless integration into back office computers.

  • Speed up the processing of your purchase orders.

  • Eliminate re-keying the information.

  • Eliminates data entry errors.

  • Allows for seamless direct shipment of merchandise from manufacturer/mill directly to end customer.

  • One format can be used for both types of purchase orders.

Many manufacturers provide a VMI type of ordering capability. Unfortunately each service works somewhat differently. A wholesaler may have to learn how to use five to ten different VMI systems. The standard electronic PO gives the wholesaler the capability to utilize the same standardized electronic PO format with many manufacturers/suppliers. 


When sending an Electronic Purchase Order for a Drop Ship Request, there is some additional information required.  This includes information that the wholesaler must pass to their distribution center, the carriers, and the end customers.  For example:


  • COD values and payment collection instructions.

  • Delivery Method (ground, next day, etc.) and destination (residential, commercial, etc.)

  • Information for a packing list (end customer's PO number, end customer price, etc.)

  • Ship blind instructions.   



Exported by the Purchaser (Wholesaler)


Imported by the Seller (Manufacturer)


Key Elements


  • Billing and shipping details

  • Shipping period and delivery instructions

  • Purchase Order specific details (P.O. Number, P.O. Line Number, P.O. Line Item (GTIN), P.O. Line Unit of Measure, P.O. Line Quantity, P.O. Line Price per Unit, P.O. Line Extended Price)​


Note:  It is the group's recommendation that the Purchaser be responsible for providing accurate and deliverable ship to address information within the 850 Purchase Orders transmitted to the Wholesaler/Seller, and third party address validation services be utilized by the Purchaser to ensure deliverable addresses are provided to the Wholesaler/Shipper.

Specific Benefits for Sellers


  • Opportunity to reduce administrative expenses by eliminating data entry requirements 

  • Opportunity for improved data accuracy by reducing data entry errors

  • Opportunity for improved PO shipment turn around time ​


Specific Benefits for Purchasers


  • Opportunity to reduce administrative expenses involved in keying orders twice

  • Opportunity to shorten the time in getting orders to and shipped from the seller

  • Opportunity for improved data accuracy by reducing data entry errors


EASI Mapping Documents


Download the standard: EASI 850 PO Standard v4.0

850 v4.0 Adopted 4/20/17.

Download the Sample: EASI 850 v4.0 Dropship Sample File (no routing envelope)

Download the Sample: EASI 850 v4.0 Stock Sample File (no routing envelope)

Download a previous version:  EASI 850 PO Standard v3.0

850 v3.0 Adopted 4/27/15

Download the Sample: EASI 850 v3.0 Dropship Sample File  (no routing envelope)

Download the Sample: EASI 850 v3.0 Stock Sample File (no routing envelope)

Download a previous version: EASI 850 PO Standard v2.0 

850 v2.0 Adopted 4/12/11.

Download the Sample: EASI 850 PO v2.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)

Downlad the sample file: EASI 850 PO v1.0 Sample File


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