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"alphabroder is proud to have been involved with EASI since 2001. The EASI standards have been the foundation for driving efficiencies, accuracy and savings in our distribution centers for years. Over the years we integrated the standards into many other parts of our business which also yielded similar benefits.  We continue to support the standards and expect our suppliers to support the standards."

Debby Krissinger | Director, Inventory & Distribution Systems | alphabroder

"Fruit of the Loom has been a part of the EASI group since its inception and personally I’ve been on the Technical Committee for the last 7 years.  The EASI group allows any organization the opportunity to discuss specific business challenges between the manufacturers and wholesalers and take advantage of resolutions that have been resolved within the EASI organization.   EASI provides a non-competitive environment for companies with similar interests to join and collaborate on best business practices for this area of business.  It’s a win-win situation."

Rick Carter | Senior Director – IT Business Solutions | Fruit of the Loom, Inc

"EASI has enabled our software application to evolve and enable seamless integration between both Distributors and Manufacturers. FDM4 being EASI compliant has given us a strong advantage over our competition. The alignment of Decorators to the EASI standard is becoming more prevalent in the apparel market place, which has opened the doors for new opportunities for FDM4."

Mike Cutsey | President | FDM4 America

"I use the Test your EASI Files on the EASI Standards website when testing EASI Files. This has saved me time in determining the structure of a file and helping identify an error in an EASI File. I don’t have a technical computer background but have learned how to use EASI files in a short amount of time. The structure and simplicity of the files makes them easy to understand."

Keith Schneider | Supplier Coordinator | alphabroder

"As a sales manager, EASI Standards reduced workload on my employees and increased revenue. EASI isn’t spelled EASY but phonetically it sounds the same. If you we’re to scream “This is so EASI!” at the top of your lungs, phonetically you’d be correct, it’s very EASY"

Sabrina Villa Toro | Bella + Canvas

"I have found the use of the PDD files to be of great impact on our ability to set up data in a quick efficient manner."

Jane Tonkin | Director- Portfolio & Supplier Management | alphabroder

"Partnering with customers who have adopted the EASI standards has improved efficiency and reduced errors throughout the order processing cycle. Our customers stay informed via advanced shipment notifications, invoices and order status transactions. Simply put, we’re able to provide a high level of customer service by using the EASI standards."

Rob Smith | IT Manager | LAT Apparel

"I never knew much about EDI, but EASI standards gave my company a simplistic yet effective approach opening up its doors to the world of EDI."

Marco DeGeorge | Bella + Canvas

"The EASI website is easy to use; a great feature under ‘Quick Links’ is ‘Test your EASI files’. The UI is very user friendly, making it convenient and easy to use.  It is a great tool for software developers, testers and business users to view a file. It allows the user to see the data with the appropriate headings and helps to identify errors, if present in the file.  This tool really does help to reduce the time it takes to troubleshoot a file error existing partner or to approve a new partner on a specific standard and requires little to no technical expertise to use."

Tracie Hopkins | IT Department | alphabroder

"They say your company is only as big as the tools you use. After looking in the shed, the tool I found was EASI Standards. You should see my lawn, it’s still growing."

Heidi McLaughlin | Bella + Canvas

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