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Product Locator URL Link Standard



The EASI Standard Product Locator URL Link is designed to be implemented on Manufacturer product locator websites in order to link site visitors to Wholesaler/Distributor product detail web pages.  The intention of the standard is to reduce the required stops for end customers to locate product availability across the distribution channel and place the order for the product from their desired Distributor.


The Product Locator URL Link standard improves the end customer's experience and increases sales by removing unnecessary steps within a common purchasing path.



Link is Programmed by the Manufacturer (Vendor)

Link is Translated by the Wholesaler (Buyer) 



Key Elements


  • Defines the construction elements of the link URL (web address)

  • Utilizes our existing GTIN standard

  • Standardizes the connection so trading partners do not need to customize each connection

  • Flexible enough to handle many possible scenarios - namely style or style/color linking

  • Requires the implementation of the EASI GTIN and 852 Point of Sale Standards.


EASI Mapping Documents

Download the standard: EASI Product Locator URL Link


PLUL v1.0 Adopted 4/14/14



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