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The Standards

Below you can read a brief summary of our standards, download related documents, or access additional detailed information.  If you know what you're looking for you can visit our Standards Quick List Page.
Product ID / GTIN

The EASI Standards group utilizes a 14 digit GS1 Global Trade Identification Number (GTIN) as the primary/common item references on our standardized carton labels and in our EDI transaction files.

Master Carton Label

Improve inbound, outbound, and inner facility accuracy and efficiency with standardized GTIN and SSCC-18 barcode labels.

Routing Envelope

All EASI EDI documents are "wrapped" using a standardized routing envelope which identifies the sender and the intended receiver of the file.

832 - Product Descriptor Database

The 832 PDD is a standardized product database provided by the Mills for the Distributors.  It contains the all important GTIN codes as well as case quantities, weights, dimensions, and other useful product information.

Download: 832 PDD Standard

850 - Purchase Order

The 850 is an electronic Purchase Order.  This standard increases accuracy and efficiencies by elimating the re-keying of information.  Get your orders in quick.

Download: 850 PO Standard

856 - ASN

The 856 ASN file is like an electronic packing slip, letting the purchaser know critical information about an en route shipment.  It is a carton level listing of purchase orders, product ID's and quantities on a single shipment.

Download: 856 ASN Standard

861 - Inventory Receipt Advice

The 861 Inventory Receipt Advice (IRA) is an electronic document sent by the purchaser and received by the seller that provides notification of the shipments which have been physically received in the purchaser's warehouse and is available for sale. 

Product Descriptor Database - 832


Streamline your invoicing and vouchering processes with the EASI 810.  Eliminate the re-keying of data, eliminate data entry errors, and speed up payables process.

810 - Invoice
852 - Point of Sale

The 852 POS File is a daily report of the wholesalers quantity sold, on order and on hand  quantities at each Distribution Center.  It provides the manufacturer with invaluable sales information and supply chain visibility.

Download: 852 POS Standard

870 - Order Status

Receive order status updates automatically by adopting the 870 Standard.  Know when your orders will ship and synchronize open orders between trading partners.

997 - Functional Acknowledgement

Reduce manual confirmations by utilizing the 997 FA.  These are "handshake" files that tell the sender the file they sent was received.  No need to call your trading partner to see if the the file went through.

Download: 997 FA Standard

889 - Special Event Count

The 889 Count standard is an electronic file used to announce event based promotional pricing, rebates and discounts.  

Retired on 10/30/2018

890 - Special Event Recount

The 890 Recount standard is the reciprical 889 file from the Wholesaler to the Manufacturer reporting the results of the promotion.

Retired on 10/30/2018

846 - Inventory Status

Minimize phone calls regarding inventory availability by importing your wholesaler's inventory numbers multiple times a day.  Or display their inventory on your website to support dropship programs.

940 - Direct Ship PO

The EASI 940 Drop Ship File is a direct ship electronic purchase order to be used by wholesalers to place orders for shipment directly from a manufacturer to the wholesaler’s customer. The product does not pass through the wholesaler’s facility. 

180 - Return Auth Request

Save time and money when requesting for the return of Manufacturer's product by adopting the newest EASI Standard.  

181 - Return Auth Response

Save time and money when requesting for the return of Manufacturer's product by adopting the newest EASI Standard.  

Product Locator URL Link Standard

The EASI Standard Product Locator URL Link is designed to be implemented on Manufacturer product locator websites in order to link site visitors to Wholesaler/Distributor product detail web pages.

821 - Account Statement

The EASI 821 Account Statement is designed to assist the Manufacturer's Accounts Receivable department and the Wholesaler's Accounts Payables department with reconciling outstanding invoices, credits and debits.

867 - Monthly Resale Report

The EASI 867 Monthly Resale Report is designed to standardize a common data request between Sellers and Re-Sellers.  

EASI Standards Zip Pack


Download all the EASI Standard Layouts in one simple Zip File.


All Layouts are provided in PDF or XLS format.  


The actual EDI documents are ASCII Tab Delimited and contain header and trailer segments and detail segments (with segment loops when applicable).  The transaction document is then wrapped with a Routing Envelope which contains a header and trailer data segment.


Download the Zip Pack

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