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821 Account Statement



The EASI 821 Account Statement is designed to assist the Manufacturer's Accounts Receivable department and the Wholesaler's Accounts Payables department with reconciling outstanding invoices, credits and debits.  


The Account Statement standard improves the trading partner's relationship by removing unnecessary manual steps within a common and tedious accounting process.



Exported by the Manufacturer (Vendor/Accounts Receivable)

Imported by the Wholesaler (Buyer/Accounts Payable) 



Key Elements


  • Credit Limit, Payment Terms and Previous Balance

  • Purchases and Payments Received since the previous statement.

  • Adjustments, Actual Balance and aging balances.

  • Detail section includes a list each open invoice, debit, credit, the payments received and the remaining balance.

  • Standardizes the Account Statement so trading partners do not need to customize each reconciliation method.

  • Does not require the implementation of other EASI Standards, other than those used for exchanging documents - the File Naming Convention and Routing Envelope.  


EASI Mapping Documents

Download the standard: EASI 821 Account Statement v1.0

821 v1.0 Adopted 4/27/15

Download the sample: EASI 821 v1.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)



Related Standards


File Naming Convention

Routing Envelope


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