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IMG Image Library



The EASI IMG Image / Photo Libary document is designed to assist the Wholesaler in accessing the Manufacturer's Product Photo Library, enabling the download of desired product photos and images.    


The IMG standard improves the trading partner's relationship by simplifying the task of locating and acquiring available product images.  



Exported by the Manufacturer/Seller

Imported by the Wholesaler/Purchaser 



Key Elements


  • Products referenced by GTIN

  • Capable of communicating multiple types of product shots

    • Front, Back, Side, Detail, Color Swatch, as well as optional shots

  • Flag to indicate the image is representative of a Style or specific to a Style, Color, Size

  • Does not require the implementation of other EASI Standards, other than those used for exchanging documents - the File Naming Convention and Routing Envelope.  Also requires use of GTINs for product identification. 


EASI Mapping Documents

Download the standard: EASI IMG Image Library v1.0

IMG v1.0 Adopted 4/27/15

Download the sample: EASI IMG v1.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)



Related Standards


File Naming Convention

Routing Envelope




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