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File Naming Convention Standard

The EASI Standards File Naming Convention Standard for use with the file names of the standard business documents exchanged between trading partners. The adopted File Naming Convention Standard is as follows: 
Document Type_ Company ID_Interchange ID.txt 
• The File Name will be defined as numeric. The only non-numeric characters will be the underscore symbol “_” and the File Extension “.txt”. All other characters will be numeric. 
• The Document Type will be one of the following: 


180 - Return Authorization Request

181 - Return Authorization

810 - Invoice (Uses GTIN) 
820 - Payment Remittance Advice 
832 - Product Descriptor Data Base (PDD) 
846 - Inventory Status 
850 - Purchase Order (Uses GTIN) 
852 - Point of Sale File (Uses GTIN) 
856 - Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) 
870 - Order Status/Expected Available To Ship Dates 
889 - Special Event promotional pricing - Count 
890 - Special Event Promotional Pricing - Recount 
940 - Direct Ship Purchase Order 
997 - Functional Acknowledgement 

NOTE: Document Types may be added or removed at a later time, as required. 
• The Company ID is the sender’s unique nine-digit DUNs number assigned by Dun and Bradstreet. 
• The Interchange ID is the unique fifteen-digit tracking number from the routing envelope assigned by the sender. 
• The File Extension (suffix) is defined as “.txt” in lowercase only. 
An underscore “_” will be used as a separator between the fields – Document Type, Company ID, and the Interchange ID. 

  • Where “850” indicates the file contains one or more purchase orders. 

  • Where “878751106” represents the sender organization’s unique nine-digit DUN’s number assigned by Dun and Bradstreet. 

  • Where “000000000003945” is the unique fifteen-digit tracking number assigned by the sender within the routing envelope.




  • 5/19/09 v3.0 Defined filename contents as numeric only with underscores and lowercase “.txt.” extension. 

  • 5/19/09 v3.0 Defined Interchange ID as 15 digits in length.

Download the Standard: EASI File Naming Convention Standard v3.0

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