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Master Carton Label




  • Establishes a consistent master carton label with bar codes.

  • Provide standardized information, standardized dimensions and position on the master carton.

  • Case label with bar code facilitates conveyor scanning of the master carton.

  • Standardized Pallet labels (pending) 2005.

  • Improves inbound and outbound shipment accuracy.

  • Reduce shipping/receiving errors and improve error resolution.


Download the GS1 (formerly UCC) organization's SSCC Implementation Guide: SSCC Implementation Guide


EASI Mapping Documents

Download the standard: EASI Master Carton and Shipping Label Document v2.1

v2.1 Adopted 4/20/17


Download a previous version:

EASI Master Carton Label and GS1-128 Shipping Label Standard V2.0

v2.0 Adopted 4/01/2013

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