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The Group


In the late 90's a group of activewear mills and distributors got together to discuss the challenges facing the industry.  They identified the lack of standards and practices as a key area for improvement.  The difficulties in dealing with customized information exchange between every partner consumed resources, increased errors, and negatively impacted the supply chain.  Standardizing communication methods, EDI layouts, carton labels, and establishing a common item reference (GTIN) and barcode promised multiple benefits.


  • Data Entry Time and Cost

  • Reduction in Errors and Discrepancies

  • Reduction in Labor Costs

  • Reduction in IT programming/customization

  • Improved communication and access to critical information


With these goals in mind the EASI Standards Group was launched.  The group was tasked with establishing standards and practices related to the exchange of supply-chain related information.  Today those standards can realize benefits in every department; Accounting, Purchasing, Customer Service, Distribution, Marketing, IT.


The non-profit group meets annually to discuss ongoing compliance opportunities, improve the standards, discuss new ways of increasing efficiencies while reducing costs, and vote on new Standards or new versions of existing standards.


A few years ago, the membership structure was changed from annual membership fees to a one time contribution.  The group is lead by an elected Steering Committee which oversees the administration of the group and the activities of the Technical Committee.  The group is also made up of Full Members (who have voting rights) and Interested Parties (who do not have voting rights) as well as several key Apparel Industry Software Providers.


For a more detailed history see our History Page.  Click here to find out How to Become and EASI Member or here to see a list of the Current Members.  You may also find answers to your EASI questions by visiting our FAQ page.


Group Payments / Contributions


Yearly voluntary group contributions can be securely processed via the Paypal Payment option on our Annual Meetings page.


Payments can also be made via check, payable to "EASI Group, Inc" and mailed to:

LAT Apparel

Attn: Jeremy Wingo
137 Leo Taylor Lane
Ball Ground, GA 30107

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