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832 PDD



The EASI 832 is an electronic product description database exchanged between trading partners.  It is sent by the seller to provide critical product information to the purchaser.  It is a SKU level item list with related SKU information.  Some of the benefits associated with the use of the EASI 832 PDD are:


  1. Establishes a standardized product data base by SKU (GTIN).

  2. Keeps it simple.

  3. Provides information in a standardized format and includes key product attributes. 

  4. Manufacturer maintains PDD and sends information to its customers.

  5. Provides one source, easily updatable, electronically transferable SKU level information to facilitate commerce, warehouse management and marketing.

  6. Electronic transfer minimizes manual data entry with related costs and potential keying errors.


Exported by the Seller (Manufacturer)

Imported by the Purchaser (Wholesaler)


Key Elements


  • GTIN Global Trade Identification Number

  • Seller’s Style Number - Detail Style Number - Color Code - Color Description

  • Purchaser’s SKU

  • Seller’s Standard Case quantity

  • Seller’s Standard Case Weight, Volume, Dimensions

  • Seller’s Piece Weight and Dimensions

  • Pantone Color Code and Description – Textile

  • Pantone Solid Color Code and Description – Coated

  • Pantone Hexidecimal Code - Solid Coated

  • Catalog Image File Names - Small and Large

  • Product HTS Codes

  • Item Price

Specific Benefits for Sellers


  • Allows automated and standardized compilation, updating and transmission of SKU information required by sellers.

  • Eliminates individualized requests.

Specific Benefits for Purchasers


  • Purchaser is receiving a standard document format and information from all sellers.

  • Loading of information can be automated, eliminating potential data entry errors.

  • Case information for new product warehouse set up is received early and automatically.

EASI Mapping Documents

Download the Standard: EASI 832 PDD Standard v9.0


Download the Sample: EASI 832 v9.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)


Download a previous version: 

EASI 832 PDD Standard v8.0

Version 3.0 Adopted 4/27/15

EASI 832 v8.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)

EASI 832 PDD Standard v7.0

EASI 832 v7.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)


Related Files


Many Sellers (Vendors/Mills) provide the 832 PDD file to the wholesaler prior to the wholesaler's addition of SKU numbers or information in their system.  The Wholesaler then populates an excel version of the PDD with their SKU numbers and returns the spreadsheet to the Vendor so the Wholesaler's SKU numbers can be imported into the Vendor's SKU cross reference database.  This enables the Vendor to export a PDD file containing the Wholesaler's own internal SKU number reference.  This facilitates the rapid updating of changed Vendor SKU data.



To read more about this topic see our SKU Cross Reference Page.



Special Note:  All EASI documents (including Master Carton Labels) utilize the 14 GTIN that is provided in the 832 PDD file.  A wholesalers ability to quickly and accurately import these 14 GTINs in their system is a critical component of EASI Standards compliance.

"I have found the use of the PDD files to be of great impact on our ability to set up data in a quick efficient manner."

Jane Tonkin | Director- Portfolio & Supplier Management | alphabroder

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