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810 Invoice



The EASI 810 is an electronic invoice that is exchanged between trading partners.  The EASI 810 Invoice is sent by the seller to the purchaser as a request for payment for goods and/or services that have been provided.  Some of the benefits associated with the use of the EASI 810 Invoice are:


  1. Make it easier to process invoices by creating a standardized electronic invoice.

  2. Contains information by purchase order and line item – quantity, price, and extension.

  3. Makes it much easier to review, compare invoice information against purchase orders and bills of lading.

  4. Eliminates re-keying of invoices/vouchers.

  5. Eliminates data entry errors.

Exported by the Seller
Imported by the Purchaser 


Key Elements


  • Vendor details (Company Name, ID Number, etc.)

  • Purchaser details (Company Name, Contact Name, etc.)

  • Purchase Order specific details (P.O. Number, P.O. Line Number, P.O. Line Item (GTIN), P.O. Line Unit of Measure, P.O. Line Invoiced Quantity, P.O. Line Price per Unit, P.O. Line Extended Price, etc.)

  • Shipment details (Shipment / ASN Number, Carrier Tracking Number, BOL Number, Total Quantity of Units Shipped, Total Quantity of Cases Shipped, etc.)

  • Payment details (Payment Terms, Discount Days, Remittance Address, etc.)

  • Freight details (F.O.B. Information, Freight Charges, etc.)

  • Invoice details (Invoice Number, Invoice date, Taxes, Other Charges, Invoice Total, etc.)

  • P.O. Number and Date are optional at the SKU level to handle consolidated invoices. (as of v2.0)


Specific Benefits for Sellers


  • Opportunity to reduce administrative expenses (Printing Costs, Mailing Costs, etc.)

  • Opportunity to shorten Receivables Cycle (Customers will receive their Invoices faster than if they had been sent by mail or courier)


Specific Benefits for Purchasers


  • Opportunity to reduce administrative expenses by eliminating data entry requirements

  • Opportunity for improved data accuracy by reducing data entry errors 


EASI Mapping Documents


Download the standard: EASI 810 Invoice Standard

Download the sample: EASI 810 v2.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)

Download the previous version: EASI 810 Invoice Standard v1.0

810 v2.0 Adopted 4/27/15

Download a sample file: EASI 810 Invoice v1.0 Sample File 


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