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EASI Membership Details

Fees and Voting

A one-time, tax-deductible contribution of $500 per corporate is required for the purpose of joining the organization.  Each corporate membership allows for one voting member to represent the interests of that company in any elections or business matters calling for a vote. There is only one vote per contributing membership regardless of the number of representatives in attendance at the meetings. Each contributing company will designate the authorized person to vote on their behalf in advance of any meetings or polls. That voting person would be designated by the member company in advance of the general meeting.


How do I Join?​


Please review our By-laws to be certain that you understand the purpose of this organization and feel like you want to become a supporting and active member. Then complete the EASI New Member Application Form and email it to  Please follow the instructions on the form and submit your one-time membership contribution along with your completed application to the EASI Secretary/Treasurer. You can also submit your membership contribution using our convenient Paypal link on the Group Page.  You will be contacted shortly thereafter by one of the Steering Committee members to get you involved in our work!
Thank you for your interest in our organization!


"Fruit of the Loom has been a part of the EASI group since its inception and personally I’ve been on the Technical Committee for the last 7 years. The EASI group allows any organization the opportunity to discuss specific business challenges between the manufacturers and wholesalers and take advantage of resolutions that have been resolved within the EASI organization."


"EASI provides a non-competitive environment for companies with similar interests to join and collaborate on best business practices for this area of business. It’s a win-win situation."


Rick Carter | Senior Director – IT Business Solutions | Fruit of the Loom, Inc

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