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852 POS



The POS file communicates daily sales activity and inventory quantities at the SKU level from the buyer (wholesaler) to the vendor (manufacturer).  POS sales and inventory sharing enables a more efficient supply chain relationship between the manufacturer and the wholesaler.


Exported by the Wholesaler (Buyer)


Imported by the Manufacturer (Vendor)


Key Elements


  • Seller’s Account and Store Number assigned by the Vendor.

  • Beginning and Ending Sales dates. These dates should be the same.

  • GTIN Global Trade Identification Number assigned by the Vendor.  

  • SKU information:

- Number of pieces sold from inventory
- Number of pieces in inventory at close of business 
- Number of pieces of inventory committed to orders  
- Number of pieces on order with vendor 
- Number of pieces sold and shipped from vendor’s inventory (Drop Shipped)

- Number of pieces returned from customers


Specific Benefits for Sellers


  • POS data enables analysis of sales trends within the wholesale channel. 

  • Analysis of sales and inventory levels enables more efficient production planning.

  • Provides data for sales based promotional payments. 


Specific Benefits for Purchasers


  • Boosts Wholesalers’ sales. Wholesaler inventory is used on Manufacturer’s product locator websites and telemarketer referral systems to assist customers in locating products.

  • Efficient production planning ensures inventory availability to the wholesaler.

  • POS data drives automated wholesaler replenishment orders for those wholesalers using the Manufacturer’s replenishment system.


EASI Mapping Documents


Download the standard: EASI 852 Point of Sale Standard

852 v4.0 Adopted 4/14/2014

Download the sample: EASI 852 v4.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)


Related Standards:



Product Locator Link URL



Use Notes:


Transaction Set Purpose Field: Code "CO" (Corrected)

When submitting Corrected POS data files all previous data is included in the corrected file - inlcuding data lines which are unchanged by the correction/s.

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