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867 Monthly Resale Report



The EASI 867 Monthly Resale Report is an electronic sales report that is sent by the purchaser (re-seller) to the seller on the first of each month.  It contains sales quantities made by the re-seller to their customers during the previous month.  It is similar in business process as generating a sales report and emailing it to the seller.  It standardizes a common report request and reduces the demands for custom reporting and communications, by defining the frequency, communication method, and content.  Some of the benefits associated with the use of the EASI 867 Monthly Resale Report are:


  1. Makes it easier to communicate common sales information between trading partners.

  2. Contains information regarding items, quantities, shipped from Locations, and shipped to Countries and States.  

  3. Maintains simplicity but increases automation.

  4. Replaces a previously manual process of custom report generation and customized consumption.

  5. Eliminates data entry errors.

Exported by the Purchaser/Re-seller

Imported by the Seller

Key Elements


  • Re-seller details (trading partner id, shipped from store id)

  • Total Sold, Drop-shipped, and Returned Quantities

  • Shipped to Country and State

  • GTIN/SKU level visibility

Specific Benefits for Purchasers/Re-Sellers


  • Opportunity to reduce manual report generation and communication requirements

  • Opportunity for improved data accuracy by reducing data entry errors

  • Opportunity to standardize a commonly requested sales data request

Specific Benefits for Sellers


  • Opportunity to reduce administrative expenses by eliminating data entry and communication requirements

  • Opportunity to shorten data management efforts with standardized format and content

  • Opportunity for improved data accuracy by reducing data entry errors


EASI Mapping Documents


Download the standard:  EASI 867 v1.0 Monthly Resale Report

Adopted 5/15/19

Download the sample: EASI 867 v1.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)


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This file is similar to the 852 Point of Sale standard.

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