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856 ASN



The 856 ASN (Advance Ship Notice) is an electronic document sent by the seller and received by the purchaser that provides advanced notice of what products are being shipped and from what purchase orders.  It is a carton-level itemized listing of purchase orders, carton ID’s, SKU’s and quantities on a distinct Distribution Center or Drop Ship Customer bound shipment.     


The 856 informs the purchaser what purchase orders are being shipped, what's in each carton, what carrier is bringing it, when it was shipped, and in the case of a drop shipment, the tracking information for each carton.  It is a single, concise communication containing information that can be utilized by the purchaser for various purposes and benefits.   


Exported by the Seller


Imported by the Purchaser


Key Elements


  • Delivery information

- Name and address

  • Bill of Lading number

  • Carrier information

- Carrier Name

- Trailer ID

- Carrier Tracking number - Shipment Level and Carton Level (for drop shipments)

- Shipment Date

  • SSCC-18: The shipment identification number assigned by the seller.  (A globally unique "license plate" number for the shipment.)

  • Purchaser’s PO number/s

- SSCC-18 Case ID ((A globally unique "license plate" number for each carton.)

- Product Information

- GTIN (Global Trade Identification Number identifying the Product/SKU)

- Seller’s Style Number

- Detail Style Number

- Color Code

- Size

  • Piece/Each Qty in the case

  • Seller’s Order number


Specific Benefits for Sellers


  • One shipment document satisfies requests for similar information from various departments within the Purchaser’s organization (Buyers, Customer Service, Sales, Warehouse, etc.).

  • Removes manual entry and transmission (fax, email) of shipment details.

  • Increases speed in which product becomes available for sale.

  • Order management efficiencies by linking cartons/product to specific purchase orders (if mutliple purchase orders for a single product exists).  Purchaser Orders remain matched to Seller Orders.


Specific Benefits for Purchasers


  • Purchaser receives a standard ASN document format and information from all sellers.

  • ASN can be loaded to purchaser’s warehouse system for automated receiving.  (Ability to scan GTIN or SSCC-18 carton barcodes which match lines expected on the ASN.)

  • Storing the SSCC18 case ID and the receipt date within the warehouse management system facilitates FIFO processing of inventory.

  • The ASN can be used by Customer Service as a resource for projected product availability.

  • Automate processes through the supply chain from purchase order to shipment to invoices.

  • Communicates shipment notification and carton level tracking for drop shipments, which can be communicated down the supply chain to the end customer.


EASI Mapping Documents


Download the standard: EASI 856 ASN Standard v7.0

856 v7.0 Adopted 4/20/17.

Download the Sample: EASI 856 v7.0 Dropship Sample File (no routing envelope)

Download the Sample: EASI 856 v7.0 Stock Sample File (no routing envelope)

Previous version: 856 v6.0 Adopted 4/27/15, but deprecated 04/05/18.

Download a previous version: EASI 856 ASN Standard v5.0

856 v5.0 Adopted 5/19/10.

Download the Sample: EASI 856 v5.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)

Download the sample: EASI 856 ASN v1.0 Sample File




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