890 Recount - Special Event

Retired 10/30/2018 - no longer supported


The EASI 890 is an electronic file to report the results of a previously announced Promotional Pricing Event to the sponsor of the event.  The EASI 890 is the “Recount” portion of promotions known as “Count / Recounts”. 
Exported by the Purchaser (Wholesaler)

Imported by the Seller (Manufacturer)


Key Elements


  • Seller’s Promotion ID 

  • Effective Promotion Dates offered by the Wholesaler  

  • Promoted Product Identified by GTIN 

  • Units Sold by GTIN

  • Price Reduction given by Wholesaler by GTIN

  • Wholesaler’s expected Credit Amount 


Specific Benefits for Sellers


  • Enables wholesaler to communicate promotion results precisely as implemented

  • Reduces need for comparing differences between manufacturer’s and wholesalers data. 


Specific Benefits for Purchasers


  • Enables automated processing of promotional credits

  • Provides opportunity to automate comparison of data from different sources for auditing purposes 


EASI Mapping Documents


Download the standard: EASI 890 Special Event Promotional Pricing - Recount Standard (v3.0)

Download the sample: EASI 890 v3.0 Sample File (no routing envelope)

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