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Packing Slip

EASI Standards recommends that a packing slip be included with all shipments specifically drop ship purchase orders (EASI Standards 940).


The packing slip is designed to help identify when a shipment is received. By recommending a standardized packing slip, this will help the customer receive a packing list that is consistent with the same information each time a shipment is received. The intention of the packing slip is to help the end customer identify what is in a shipment, who the shipment is from, and what purchase order the shipment is for.

Key Elements

We recommend the packing slip including the following information:

  • Ship From Address (The ship from address is the physical address where customer shipments are sent from)  

  • Ship to Address (The ship-to address is the physical address where customer shipments are sent to).

  • Contact name (The appropriate person where a shipment should be sent to in relation to a business)

  • Customer PO number (The number that was assigned to the purchase order by the customer). This is Customer PO Number Field#9 on EASI 940 version 4.0. This is listed as an Optional Field.

  • Unit of Measure

  • Carton Count

  • Quantity

Download the sample: Sample Packing List
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