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2020 Annual Minutes

Minutes of the 2020 EASI Annual Meeting - Virtual Meeting via Zoom

November 20, 2020

Annual Financial Report

Prior to the EASI Annual Meeting, Marvin Yoshizumi and Rob Smith reviewed the monthly checking account statements and financial reports since the 2019 Annual Meeting, as documented by the Treasurer, Michael Sutton.  Michael assumed the Treasurer role upon Leslie Utt’s retirement in March, 2020.  Marvin and Rob examined the records presented and found no irregularities or discrepancies with the accuracy of the books and reporting. They both signed a document attesting to this fact.  


General Session

The Annual EASI Meeting commenced at 1:00pm EST with a welcoming statement from the Executive Chairperson, Marvin Yoshizumi.


Secretary/Treasurer, Michael Sutton, then reviewed the Anti-Trust Guidelines and requested attendees identify themselves, the company they are representing and if they are the voting member representing their company.  Michael thanked everyone for attending the virtual meeting.


Virtual meeting attendance as follows:


Attendee - Company
Marvin Yoshizumi – American T-Shirt Co.  (Voting representative)
Beth Villa – Big Accessories (Voting representative) 
Debby Krissinger - Alphabroder (Voting representative)
Jim Beale – S&S Activewear (Voting representative)
Joelle Hotte – FDM4 (Voting representative)
Michael Roberts – Gildan (Voting representative)
Rob Smith – LAT Apparel (Voting representative)
Wade Williams – Order My Gear (Voting representative)
Derek Clark – Fruit of the Loom (Voting representative)
Diane Priebe – Gildan
Anuradha Ravi – Hanes
Alejandro Hernandez
Mike Cutsey – FDM4
Keith Schneider – Alphabroder
Jim Henricks – Hanesbrands 
Michael Sutton – Hanesbrands (Voting representative)


Following the roll call and designation of Voting Representatives, Michael Sutton presented the 2019-2020 Financial Summary.  Michael explained the financial report covered the period beginning May 2019 through October 2020, noting the extended time period is due to rescheduling of the Annual Meeting for safety precautions for COVID-19.  After presenting the financials and ending balance, Michael spoke to the importance of donations and meeting fees, noting these donations enable EASI to cover shared expenses with FDM4 in holding Annual Meetings each year.


Marvin Yoshizumi confirmed he and Rob Smith reviewed and confirmed the monthly checking account statements and financial reports, as documented and presented by the Treasurer, Michael Sutton.  Marvin stated they found no irregularities or discrepancies with the accuracy and reporting.  Also noting they both signed a document attesting to this fact.




Elections were held for the fulfillment of roles of Vice-Chairperson, Technical Advisor, as well as At-Large Committee Members to partake in Steering Committee meetings.


Elections were unanimous.  Elected roles are as follows:


Vice-Chairperson:    Rob Smith (L.A.T. Apparel)
Technical Advisor:    Jon Clarke (Bella + Canvas)
At-Large Members:    Diana Priebe (Gildan Activewear), Joelle Hotte (FDM4)


Technical Committee Presentation


Lead by Joelle Hotte, At-Large Member


Joelle communicates that the Technical Committee will meet to discuss a schedule and format for a Q1 2021 Technical Call.  The topic they will cover are:
•    Website Changes:  Specifically, published standards, sample files and Cheat Sheet, so everyone knows what’s new/available
•    Duplicate GTIN usage
•    Decoration Handling
•    FTP Sunset – SFTP Compliance
•    EASI Webinar Scheduling and Communication
•    EASI Email Standard
•    870 v2.0
•    888 Item Maintenance/Change Discussion
•    EASI Trading Partner Breakouts
•    RFID Discussion
•    EASI API Standards
•    2021 Tech Tasks


Mike Cutsey suggested the group should receive recommendations for topics to discuss at the Technical Committee meeting.  Joelle responded that the Technical Committee will have working meetings throughout the year to discuss all topics.




Marvin discussed proposed 2021 Annual Meeting locations (east coast destinations), noting that we (EASI/FDM4) were no longer committed to Charlotte (NC), but Charlotte is still an option.  Due to current COVID-19 restrictions and safety precautions, EASI/FDM4 anticipate these restrictions/safety precautions to continue into Q1/Q2 2021, therefore, optimistically plan for a Fall 2021 Annual Meeting, at a location to be determined.


Questions / Comments


A question was raised about meeting fees already paid for the postponed 2020 Annual Meeting and how those funds will be applied.  Michael, Secretary Treasurer, confirmed all 2020 Meeting fees already paid will be applied to 2021 Annual Meeting.  Paid members will be notified if any supplemental payment is necessary in the event of an increase in cost.

Also discussed sending out the notifications to remind of the importance of donations.

Mike Cutsey suggested we look at the timing feasibility by quarter, of when or if we can plan the in-person Annual Meeting depending on the state of the pandemic at that time.

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